Hofmann Mraz Care Home


The Hofmann Mraz Care Home was opened in 1992 based on a dream held by my Mother, Judith Mraz and the man for whom she was a private duty nurse for over 20 years, John Hofmann. Mr. Hofmann was plagued with Multiple Sclerosis and attributed his long life to the care given to him by his nurse, Mrs. Mraz. Mr. Hofmann was blessed financially to be able to afford a private duty nurse. Upon nearing the end of his life, he spoke at length with my mother of his dream that she would take the house that he owned and turn it into a place where people needing assistance in their activities of daily living, specifically, the indigent and veterans, could call their home while receiving the same care that he was able to receive. My Mother's lot in life was to give and take care of others. My Mother fought and overcame many obstacles to open the doors to this nurturing facility. She and my father, who was just as loving as she, Donnie Mraz, ran this facility until each of them passed away. They were deeply loved and respected by every resident that call this facility home. They were lovingly referred to as "Mom and Dad" even by residents much older than they were. In fact, we happen to still have two residents who have lived here since 1994 who remember them well. Upon the death of my parents, my aunt, Martha Brown, ran the home until her untimely death in October 2009. It was then that I moved back to Bonham from Ohio with my then almost 3 year old daughter to director our home. Had I not chosen to do this, my Mother's dream and my parent's legacy, would have ended as I would have been forced to close the doors. I simply could not do it. In January 2015, Rhonda Dailey was give the position of Director of this facility which I hold so dear to my heart. An answer to prayer, Rhonda has a love for our residents which was paramount when I was searching for my Director. It has been the passion of our family since the inception of the Hofmann Mraz Care Home to provide a place where our residents feel loved in a warm environment and one that they are proud to call home. We certainly give thanks to God for all that this home has been and will continue to be. Without Him, we wouldn't be here. We believe that when you serve others with a whole heart, with true love, and with true humility, you are serving God and you are pleasing God. Our home is licensed for 15 people. This small number of beds helps to keep our family of residents small enough to feel the love of a true family. While I did not expect to lose my parents and my aunt at such an early age and have our facility left solely to me, I am proud to own such a sensational home. I am grateful to have employees who love it as much as I do. With God's blessings, our facility will remain intact offering 15 people a home that they would otherwise not have, until the end of time. Many blessings, Sharee Owens, RN, BSN Owner


1405 Center St
Bonham, Texas 75418

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  • 24-Hour Onsite Staff
  • family style meals
  • clinical care
  • medication management
  • transportation
  • housekeeping services
  • life enrichment
  • personal daily needs

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