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Septic Tank Cleaning Service Solids settle in your septic tank and gradually fill it. To work properly a septic system must have a clear and open drain field. A septic tank that is over 25% full runs the risk of contaminating and plugging the lines in the drain field. When this happens the only solution is complete replacement of the system. That’s why periodic preventive maintenance is important to keep your system at full efficiency. Make sure you take care of your septic tank before it becomes a real headache. Septic System Installations If your home is not attached to a municipal sewer line, then you likely have a septic system to handle your home’s wastewater collection, treatment and disposal. This type of system requires an underground septic tank to hold the wastewater and a soil absorption system to disperse the clean wastewater back into the land. Pat’s Pump Service can help with both determining whether your soil is right for a drain field type septic system and we can install your system too. Aerobic Maintenance Contracts In Texas an owner of an Aerobic System must have a maintenance contract. That maintenance contract must be with a “licensed” maintenance provider. Pat’s Pump Service inspects the components of the system in accordance with Texas law, and notes whether or not every component is working during each site visit. Home Owner Training Sometimes a homeowner will want to inspect and service their own Aerobic System. Pat’s Pump Service offers training for homeowner serviced systems. Porta-Potty Rentals Are you having a party or an outside event? From upscale corporate events to small backyard celebrations, Pat’s Pump Service understands the need for clean comfortable facilities. We can provide a variety of Porta-Pottys, including those with the amenities specific to your needs. Real Estate Septic System Inspections Selling a rural property? Pat’s Pump Service are licensed inspectors for septic and aerobic system. Pat’s Pump Service is available for residences and commercial properties in Bailey, Bonham, Ector, Honey Grove, Leonard, Pecan Gap, Ravenna, Savoy, Trenton, Whitewright, Dodd City, Ladonia, Windom, Elwood, Gober, Ivanhoe, Mulberry, Randolph, Telephone, Warren and other towns and communities in North Texas.


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  • Septic System Cleaning
  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Inspections
  • Aerobic Maintenance & Training
  • Storm shelters
  • Porta-potty rentals

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